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Is Case Batbusters associated with other "Batbusters"?

No.  Case Batbusters is a completely separate organization from OC Batbusters; any of their franchises or any other teams using the "Batbusters" name.

However, Bob Wenk (one of the founders of Case Batbusters) was a coach for OC Batbusters from 1985-1989.  In fact, in 1985 Bob's team won the ASA 12U National Championship...the first OC Batbusters national championship.

When was Case Batbusters formed?

In 1989 Bob Wenk decided to leave the OC Batbusters Organization to form a new organization that focused on individual player success, as opposed to the success of the organization.

As a result, Bob Wenk (along with Jim Dolan) formed Case Batbusters.

Where did the organization's name come from?

Bob was a businessman in the knife/cutting instrument industry.  As a result, he had a relationship with the owners of Case Knives.  In the early years, Case Knives sponsored Case Batbusters.  The owners of Case Knives later sold the business, which is now a corporation.  When that happened, the sponsorship ended, but Case Batbusters had become it's own brand.

Today, the word "CASE" has become an acronym for Character, Attitude, Strength, Excellence (the core values of the organization).

How many Case Batbusters teams are there?

In an average year, there will be 1-2 teams in each of the 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U age divisions.  So, the total number of teams fluctuates.

One thing the Case Batbusters Organization does NOT do is franchise out the name.  You will never see Case Batbusters teams in other regions of California or other states.  Part of the concept of the Organization is that all teams work together for a common goal.  Case Batbusters teams and players aren't just a random collection of people and teams simply wearing the same jersey.

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